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Sean was in Italy – part 2

When golf round in Franciacorta has been completed, the program of Italy4Golf took the group to the most renowed wine cellar of Franciacorta land.

Bersi Serlini is a name that means quality, elegance, wine history e and family passion on hard working. The tasting session could only have been successful, so as the visit in the cellars underground was amazing. In the cellars, protected by shadow and peace granted by stonewalls and vaulted ceilings, thousands of bottles rest waiting the moment when they will explode in all their hypnotic freshness.

In those moments emerged the image that all we were waiting for: the happy guest!

Sean and his approval have been a great recognition of our organizational effort.

Who knows at this step if in the next hours this experience could have mantained the same honesty. Some doubts somebody? Naaaaa… the nearby Lago d’Iseo and the little square in center city Clusane, have hosted a perfect dinner at the “Il porto”, restaurant based on local freshwater fish.

It’s not so easy to maintain such a high level of quality in a tourist experience. That’s possible only to whom have a deep knowledge of the territory, and that’s the distinguishing ability of Italy4Golf.

The golf trip marched again together with the gods of nature and good weather. Gardagolf has magic inside, and it’s a very nice and challenging golf course.

Sean and Alberto took the wednesday for a private round, without photographers and storytellers to create distractions to their game. After a day of full golf and mind intensity, each has found his personal relax in a free evening, as…

… as the day after was dedicated to no-golf-practice! The program was entirely developed outside sport, thanks to our wine and tourist guide Patrizia Marazzi, that did prepare a thursday around Lake Garda and throughout morenic hills, with visits to museums, wineries, various points of historic, naturalistic and artistic interest, with an even nautical finish and a great Italian-style pizza. Even his story deserves a thorough reading, so still sit comfortably and click this link. See you in a few minutes!

Welcome back, dear friends. Did you enjoy the reading of our “no-golf-day”? Believe me, this is all real, and can be your personal diary of a golf trip absolutely different by most of the deals you find anywhere.

That’s all? Not at all, fellow trolleypushers eager to know, experience, rejoice, live!

Could our Sean have missed a visit to the city of Romeo and Juliet before the trolleys of his plane were detached from the ground? Absolutely no.

Lake Garda – Verona: twenty minutes, thirty minutes including parking and a short tour along the Adige that crosses the prestigious city from north to south. The Arena, via Mazzini and shopping for every pocket, Piazza Erbe and the market, alleys and squares with antique glass, through which you can glimpse an incredible offer of taste and good drink. Here, this seemed to us the ideal greeting to the guest, certain that golf enthusiasts, but above all of well-being, will know how to treasure it to allocate their next investment in play and relaxation to an unforgettable holiday.

Here’s what Sean thinks at the end of this week.

See you on the tee, hole 1!

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