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Villa Condulmer. Exclusive and timeless refuge

Villa Condulmer and its prestigious golf course have welcomed illustrious personalities from every era. Golf champions and real celebrities, from politics to entertainment.

Discover with us Villa Condulmer and its glorious Golf Course with an unforgettable Italy4golf Experience!

A structure cloaked in charm and peace that managed to preserve its original and elegant aura while innovating its services and spaces. The result is a combination of exclusivity, refinement and meticulousness as well as delicate attentions, able to make your stay there always and for anyone unforgettable.

The Villa

Villa Condulmer is a Venetian Villa whose dating remains uncertain, although it is known that the Villa was built on the ruins of an ancient monastery.

Changing owners many times over the centuries, the building has been listed since 1930 and is now home to a prestigious five-star hotel. Alongside the innovative services, Hotel Villa Condulmer still offers its customers the charm of a true Venetian Villa of the ‘700.

The Architecture

According to the dictates of the Venetian Villas of the eighteenth century, the representative space is privileged, with the stately building preceded by the garden in an axial configuration. After the central statue surrounded by a flower bed, you come to two monumental centuries-old trees that adorn the entrance to the stately building.

Crossing the four steps of the entrance, the visitor is greeted by the large passing hall, the heart of the building. Here the first thing that strikes you is the “Venetian terrazzoflooring, and immediately afterwards the walls and ceiling adorned with fine stuccoes.

The symmetrical and majestic antique chandeliers handmade in Murano glass do not go unnoticed. In the hall, you can admire 4 bucolic-themed frescoes, made around the mid-19th century by the painter Eugenio Moretti Larese. Significant among these is the second on the right which portrays Count Giovan Battista Tornielli together with his friend and famous composer Giuseppe Verdi.

Going up the symmetrical stairs you arrive at the noble floor, also characterized by a large living room with a Venetian terrazzo floor, an imposing majestic eighteenth-century Murano glass chandelier in the centre of a valuable noble coat of arms, a protruding terrace, and a remarkable verticality.

The Park

The pride of Villa Condulmer is the large eighteenth-century park designed by architect Sebatoni. A timeless place where it is easy to relax with peaceful walks in total tranquillity.

There are numerous imposing and rare secular trees, numerous flowers and essences, typical of these secular parks. Also in the park, there is a large and beautiful swimming pool surrounded by greenery.

Adjacent to the park of the villa, an eighteenth-century chapel currently deconsecrated. Walking through this splendid park you will also come across statues, ancient ruins and a small and very particular pavilion overlooking the lake.

Celebrities at Villa Condulmer

All the rooms of the 5-star hotel are characterized by the unique style of the Villa itself and its history. This building has in fact hosted illustrious personalities from various eras and suites have been dedicated to many of these.

This is how you can stay in the suiteGiuseppe Verdi“, the great Italian composer of operas such as Nabucco, Rigoletto, Traviata, Aida, Otello, Giovanna d’Arco and Macbeth. It is said that Verdi, at the invitation of Count Tornielli, his close friend, following the failure of the premiere of La Traviata, rewrote the opera on the piano of Villa Condulmer, still present in the Villa.

Among the other celebrities who have stayed here and to whom the hotel suites are dedicated, the beautiful actress Elizabeth Taylor, winner of two Oscars and acclaimed worldwide for unforgettable films such as The Taming of the Shrew, Cleopatra, Venus in Mink and Who is afraid of Virginia Woolf.

Could not miss the suite dedicated to president Ronald Reagan, who stayed here with his wife during the 1987 G7 in Venice. Needless to say, more than extraordinary measures and precautions were taken for this occasion.

Many international artists, in particular linked to the world of music, have found the ideal refuge here to write some of their most famous works, both thanks to the incomparable quiet of the place, and the small Condulmer recording studio adjacent to the Villa, active until 2009. To name a few: Placido Domingo, Katia Ricciarelli, Duran Duran, Sting, Sade and Mick Jagger.

Discover Villa Condulmer and its glorious Golf Course with an unforgettable Italy4golf Experience!

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