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Premium Activities

Do not just stay in the hotel waiting to play golf again tomorrow: ask more to your holiday in Italy!

Common golf breaks offer you just the golf and some relaxation in a resort. Italy4golf’s Experiences are a different kind of holiday: Italy is too beautiful and so plenty of things you can do to just lose your time in a hotel! Here are some examples of the extra premium activities we can add to your custom Experience.

Golf Clinics with Pros

Improve your swing with a Golf Clinic while enjoying a wonderful golfing holiday: what better opportunity to attend a Golf Clinic with a PGA Pro!
Italy4golf can easily organize single private lessons or group sessions with expert and professional players, female or male. The Clinics can have different theoretical and practical sessions: the analysis and improvement of putting skills using CAPTO technology; short game techniques; long game techniques with the aid of the TRACKMAN technology to analyse and improve one’s swing.

Superb Wine Tastings

Italy is pretty famous for its fine wines, it would be a pity to visit Italy
for a golf break missing a proper Wine Tasting!
Red, white, sparkling, in the whole Italy you can find hundreds of internationally renowned wines: Valpolicella, Montepulciano, Barolo, Nebbiolo, Chianti, Franciacorta, Pinot Bianco e Nero, Chardonnay, Verdicchio, Greco di Tufo, Malvasia, Prosecco… Italy4golf proposes premium wine tasting sessions, visits and dinners directly in the cellar of selected famous wineries.

Exclusive Private Locations

Ancient medieval castles, noble villas, private art collections, notorious museums: in Italy we are plenty of it, but most of them are closed to the public or, on the contrary, they have so much people visiting that it is impossible to really enjoy the visit.
Italy4golf can easily get private visits to many Italian hidden gems and to those famous-but-crowded venues you always wanted to see! Get in touch with us for your custom golfing Experience in Italy: we will arrange for you private visits to your favourite locations.

Starred Restaurantes

Everybody knows and praises Italian Cousine, because is healthy and also beacause it’s delicious!
In the whole Italian territory you may find good food, but we really want you to have the chance to taste the best Italian dishes. We mean regional food, zero-mile ingredients, gourmet dishes and Michelin-starred Chefs: only in selected restaurants you can have all this.
Let us suggest you a personal food-itinerary that can enrich your Experience in Italy and make it even more memorable!

Vintage & Sports Cars Tours

Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Pagani, Alfa Romeo, Lancia, Abarth, Fiat… Italy has got internationally famous also with cars and car races, in the past but nowadays too.
Thanks to our local contacts we can arrange luxury and classic car rentals and guided tours for you and your friends while enjoying your Experience of golf in Italy. Do not miss the chance to have fun driving a vintage Alfa Romeo cabriolet at sunset on Tuscan hills or to take a tour of the Garda Lake with your golf-mates aboard some brand-new Ferraris!

Personal Shopping

This is not just buying some fashion outfit in Milan, it can be an extraordinary chance to discover those exeptional boutiques that select and sell only premium garments and artisanal accessories!
Having a local expert in the enviroment that helps you around makes your shopping time surely more effective and much more fun in your pursuit of that piece you will wear proudly back-home.
This kind of activity is most wanted among our only-ladies Experiences and by those groups in which there are also non-golfers.

Sport & Culture Events

Any kind of event you may want to see while having your holiday of golf in Italy we can book it for you. Some examples? Concerts in Arena di Verona, Monza F1 GP, Barcolana Regatta
If you are planning to spend more than just a long weekend in Italy for your golf tour, why not seize the day (or one day) also for an event that you always dreamt of attending to? Tell us your preferences when contacting us for informations about our Experiences: we will propose you a selection of major events that surely will catch your attention.

Luxury Spa & Wellness

There are Spa and then there are Luxury Spa… The difference, everybody knows, is not just in the name. If you are planning to have a golf Experience in which relaxation is a keyword, we suggest you consider this kind of premium activity.
Our selection of the best Italian Spa and Wellness Centre is guided by an idea of total pleasure and global well-being for your body and mind: space, nature, silence. In these places, everything is prepared to let you forget all your worries and just focus on your energy!


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