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Lake Garda seen by Sir D. H. Lawrence’s gaze

“Everything seemed so lush, almost tropical – and everything seemed woven from the sun. Leaves, the earth, the stems of the plants […] So Riva: and there the lake sparkled in the sun. […] For him, Riva was beautiful. First of all, the ancient tower with its large blue facade with the clock rose up at the quay of the lake […] There was the lake, alive and marbled, with its blue-black transparent water, rather dark, so alive. And there were boats with bright yellow sails and red and orange sails, and boats with two white sails […] And there was cordiality, a sparkle, a delightful ease beyond belief, southern in its ease, and Nordic in its charm alert.”

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Tenuta degli Dei – Cavalli Family

By going to the estate founded by Roberto Cavalli in the upper part of the Panzano area (heart of Chianti), although inspired by the notoriety of the fashion brand, you will discover an authentic love for the land. It is that of Tommaso Cavalli, Roberto’s son, involved at 360 degrees in wine production.

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Essenza Escape new strategic partnership for Italy4golf

Italian Experiences Like No Other: Italy4golf and ESSENZA Join Forces to Create Unforgettable Journeys.
In a crowded world of tourist destinations, there’s a place that shines with its own light: Italy. Land of millennia-old history, breathtaking landscapes, and extraordinary culture, Italy is a destination that captures the imagination and feeds the soul of anyone privileged enough to visit. And now, thanks to the partnership between Italy4golf and ESSENZA, this experience becomes even more extraordinary.

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1000 Miglia? Discover it with I4G and participate in a tour with vintage cars!

The choice to associate golf on excellent Italian courses with some selected activities among the countless expressions of Italian excellence has always been the philosophy of Italy4golf. Among these, the 1000 Miglia is certainly one of the most fascinating and exclusive events, capable of attracting every year thousands of enthusiasts as well as celebrities of the international jet set.

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The right Car Rental for you

Your free luxury trip to Italy