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Great Merlot made in Tuscany

Like Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot is a successful grape of the Bordeaux region in France, that has been planted all over the world. There are sought-after wines made with Merlot like Château Petrus in Pomerol (France). At the same time, Merlot is sometimes blamed for its simplicity.

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I Balzini – Wines produced with passion in the heart of Tuscany

In a border area between the Chianti Classico and the Val d’Elsa, halfway from Florence and Siena, overlooking the marvellous city of San Gimignano and its towers, for almost 40 years I Balzini has been producing long-lived, elegant wines. The winery was founded by Vincenzo D’Isanto, later joined by his wife Antonella and more recently by his daughter Diana. Since few years Diana is leading the family business.

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Climbing to the top of Monte Baldo, a metaphor of life at Covid-19 time

Written during Covid-19 lockdown..

It’s the end of September, one of the last opening weekends of Telegrafo refuge on Monte Baldo: our final destination. The day is cloudy, we begin to climb slowly from Prada and the more we get up, the more the fog falls. During the journey, my friend and I tell each other about our lives and despite the wind that plays with our words and the fog that surrounds us, our thoughts are clear in the light of day.

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Lake Garda seen by Sir D. H. Lawrence’s gaze – 2nd part

Towards Easter they decide to move to San Gaudenzio “a farm about two miles above the lake […] a lovely place. There is a garden around for over a mile, with vineyards and olive trees. It falls precipitously on the edge of the cliff above the lake. I sit and write in a desert lemon garden that catches the sun and keeps it.”

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The right Car Rental for you

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