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Another idea of wellness


When you think about a wellness treatment, what do you imagine? Hot water, steam, stones, relaxation, landscapes, etc. Natural things.

Me, too. Except that when I think about the well-being of my guests, I replace wine for water and offer them a completely different wellness path, made up of discovery, sharing, enjoyment of small moments of good things, and stunning moments in contemplation of beautiful things. My itinerary is natural, too. The men and women of this place have been doing it for centuries.

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Experiential tourism: a new trend in golf tourism

A few weeks ago we shared on social media some excerpts taken from an article published in the famous Finnish magazine Honour Golf analyzing the ongoing changes in the golf tourism sector, in particular concerning the Covid-19 pandemic. The interesting article signed by the editor-in-chief Jukka Rimpiläinen takes its cue from the project Italy4golf to outline some behavioural models of golfers on holiday, their new needs and their emerging desires.

Thanks to the kind permission of the author, below we report the full article translated into English.

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Wellness for body and mind

On the day of a golfer on holiday, the most important moment is at the end of the path, it does not matter how many holes he played.
He had fun, he tried his ability on new courses and had filled the score with good results.

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Rumble of motors, smell of gas

There are cars that made entire generations of pilots and gentlemen from all over the world dream. In the break between a round of golf and the next, release every brake and unleash your passion for Ferrari, Lamborghini, Alfa Romeo, Lancia, Maserati

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Scents and taste, before and after golf

Italy is one of the richest European countries for biodiversity, and we work with you for protecting it. How? Looking for combinations of food and drink that exalt the territory around your favourite golf, to offer you the possibility to experiment, taste and contribute to the life of our enogastronomic culture.

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The right Car Rental for you

Your free luxury trip to Italy